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Progress in Tourism Management A review of innovation research in tourism Anne-Mette Hjalager University of Southern Denmark, Niels Bohrsvej 9-10, DK-6700 Esbjerg, Denmark   Abstract Over the past two decades, there has been increasing focus on the topic of innovation in tourism. This article reviews the research contributions. Various categories of innovation – product, process, […]

Innovation strategies and technology for experience-based tourism Yeoryios Stamboulis[a] Pantoleon Skayannis[b] Abstract: Tourism is undergoing significant change and facing new challenges – that call for new perspectives. At least two dimensions of the change can be identified: new forms of tourism, characterized by the tendency to depart from mass tourism; the diffusion of information and […]

 INTERNATIONALIZATION AND INNOVATION IN TOURISM Allan M. Williams University of Surrey, UK Gareth ShawUniversity of Exeter, UK Abstract: Internationalization and innovation are significant themes in tourism research whose inter-relationship has been largely neglected. Starting from the international economi literature, which focuses mainly on the multinational enterprise, and on knowledge issues, the relationship can be conceptualised in […]